Benefits of Alkaline Water

The basic necessity for every living body on planet earth is water. Survival without it is impossible. Consumption of water is increasing with the increase in population. If intake of water is so essential then you should be sure that it is harmless and pure. An adult human body has 5-7% of water and only 20% of it can be used to keep your body well hydrated. If the water percentage is not maintained it causes dehydration which will result in low blood pressure, dizziness, excessive thirst, fatigue, nausea and headache. Pure intake of water is very necessary. Medically it has been proved that consumption of alkaline water prevents our body from diseases and its anti-oxidants properties are more beneficial than vitamin A, C, D, selenium and carotene. Alkaline water can be produced by using water ionizer, putting alkaline ingredients in water and by using a water distiller. Alkaline water benefits can be achieved by drinking this water, adding to your beverages or cooking food in it.
The following are the alkaline water benefits

It prevents ageing- Ageing of the human being is caused by the presence of free radicals which decays and ages the body. Alkaline water acts as antioxidants which reduce the free radical which causes ageing and keeps the skin hydrated. It also helps in increasing skin moisturizing and skin elasticity because of tiny water clusters which are present in ionized water. It also reduces age spots and wrinkles.

Flushes out Impurities and toxins- This water reduces impurities and toxins which gets accumulated in the human body. The ionized property of the water purifies the system and the anti oxidants in it reduces DNA damage of the cell for better functioning of the body thereby increasing the life span and longevity.

Better Kidney functioning - Acid waste produced from the daily diet of person gets into his bloodstream. Kidney functions in reducing this acid and removing toxins from the body. With the help of alkaline water kidney’s performance can be increased.

Improves Immune system- The consumption of alkaline water improves the immunity of the person and prevents a person from chronic cellular dehydration which is caused due to lack of water intake. Dehydration can make the system weak thereby contracting various diseases.

Promotes weight loss- Alkaline water consumption can help in losing weight as it is a appetite suppressant which helps in curbing hunger, it also helps in burning calories.
Prevention from diseases- Alkaline water is absorbed in the body cells which minimizes the accumulation of acid wastes, thereby making the body less prone to diseases like cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases, gout and high blood pressure.
Help in better digestion- This water aids digestion as it helps in more saliva production which takes the food through the digestive tract. It also increases metabolism rate and flushes waste from the body.
Provides Better concentration- Like most part of the body, brain also needs water as brain has 90% water content. Drinking more water helps in better alertness, ability to process information and better concentration.

The alkaline water benefits the body not only by its power to satisfy thirst but also from the many benefits discussed above. Intake of this water wills balance all your needs without much of an effort. Hydrating and replenishing of the body is a must but quality of water is also important which can be achieved by investing in a good alkaline water ionizer.