what are the differences between soft water and hard water?

Hard Water

Disadvantage of hard water is that it costs money.

● Detergents are not as effective at cleaning.
● Washing clothes and dishes require more detergents.
● Scale buildup degrades water heater efficiency over time.
● Overall appliance lifetime is decreased.
● More cleaning products required to clean scale buildup.
● Dry / damaged hair and skin unsightly film on glass dishes.
● Clothes fade faster and dingy whites scum, streaks, spots ruin faucets and fixtures.

Soft Water

Advantage of soft water is that it saves money.

● Detergents up to 12X more effective when cleaning.
Use up to 70% less dish and cloth detergents.
● No scale buildup water heater efficiency is maintained.
● Overall appliance lifetime is maintained less cleaning products required to purchase.
● Moisturized / healthier skin and hair.
● Cleaner, spot-free glass dishes cleaner clothes and whiter whites.
● Preserved look of faucets and fixtures.


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I feel so much better about washing my face and brushing my teeth since getting this! Al the chlorine from my water is removed and the water is infused with antioxidants. I’ve only had it for a little over a week now but already my skin feels softer and suppler. Highly recommend it!

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