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Not all alkaline waters are created equal

Alkaline H2O - the right choice now

What are the differences between hard water and soft water?

Hard Water

Disadvantage of hard water is that it costs money.

● Detergents are not as effective at cleaning.
● Washing clothes and dishes require more detergents.
● Scale buildup degrades water heater efficiency over time.
● Overall appliance lifetime is decreased.
● More cleaning products required to clean scale buildup.
● Dry / damaged hair and skin unsightly film on glass dishes.
● Clothes fade faster and dingy whites scum, streaks, spots ruin faucets and fixtures.

Soft Water

Advantage of soft water is that it saves money.

● Detergents up to 12X more effective when cleaning.
Use up to 70% less dish and cloth detergents.
● No scale buildup water heater efficiency is maintained.
● Overall appliance lifetime is maintained less cleaning products required to purchase.
● Moisturized / healthier skin and hair.
● Cleaner, spot-free glass dishes cleaner clothes and whiter whites.
● Preserved look of faucets and fixtures.


Electric Alkalizers

Through the use of metal plates and electrolysis, electric alkalizers separate H2O molecules which artificially yields an increased pH reading.

• Resulting alkalinity that is not stable

• Electric alkalizers lack healthy mineral content in the water

• Most electric units do not contain filters to remove harmful pollutants, and other unhealthy dissolved contaminants.

Alka75 alkaline drinking system

ALKA75 Transforms Water

Alka75's 16-Stage Advanced Filtration process transforms tap water into the cleanest, freshest, best tasting water available - from your kitchen faucet.

• Hydrogen purified alkaline water hydrates and energizes your body

• Alkaline water uses minerals to increase pH levels from 9.5 to 10

• Alka75 effectively reduces or removes copper, lead, arsenic, fluoride, TDS, radium, selenium, chromium and more


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