CNN Reports - "No Safe Level of Arsenic"

CNN Reports - "No Safe Level of Arsenic"

CNN "There's no safe level," said Kelly Reynolds, director of the Environment, Exposure Science and Risk Assessment Center at the University of Arizona, who was not involved with the study...
Microplastics are found in Lake Tahoe’s waters for first time ever

Microplastics are found in Lake Tahoe’s waters for first time ever

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. —  Scientists have detected microplastic pollution in Lake Tahoe’s deep blue waters for the first time. Now they are trying to determine its source and potential harm to the lake’s flora and fauna.
USA TODAY - Tap Water Not as Safe as You Think

USA TODAY - Tap Water Not as Safe as You Think

"Yet the latest research shows that contaminants present in the water at those concentrations – perfectly legal – can still harm human health," said Olga Naidenko, the vice president for science investigations at EWG (Environmental Working Group).

CEO Freddy Vidal Featured in Voyaga LA

CEO of Alkavida Freddy Vidal has been featured in an article on the Voyage LA Website. to read the article, please click the link below. http://voy...

Alkaline water benefits in the fight against Cancer

Cancer is a disease that many of us are afraid of. It is something that many people get and kills lots of them. Although the treatment is improving, there are still many types of cancer that cannot be cured. There are lifestyle factors that are sometimes attributed to some types of the disease but it is still not known exactly what could prevent it or cure it.

The 15 Benefits of Drinking Water

There are many calls for you to drink a lot of water in a single day. While you may not understand the reason why, it is first important to note that the liquid constitutes a significant part of your body. The following are the benefits of drinking water.

6 Reasons to Drink Water

By Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LDWebMD FeatureReviewed by Louise Chang, MDAmericans seem to carry bottled water everywhere they go these days. In ...

The health benefits of alkaline iodized water

Water means life and life means water and air. And not having clean and unsoiled water is hugely detrimental to our health. Nowadays, there are several types of water available, processed and developed to maximize the benefits of natural clean water. One of them is alkaline water which is also commonly known as ionized water

Benefits of Alkaline Water

The basic necessity for every living body on planet earth is water. Survival without it is impossible. Consumption of water is increasing with the ...

Drinking Water Makes you Gain Weight

“Drinking water makes you gain weight.”

This is what female teenagers and adults think. They avoid drinking water especially at night. To give you the answer right away, “No. It is not true.” As many are aware of, water has 0 calorie, meaning that it does not have anything to do with gaining weight. Drinking a large amount of water may temporarily seem to add on weight, but body weight goes quickly back to the original state with diuretic effect. Here is some information on water which is worth knowing for our daily lives.