The 15 Benefits of Drinking Water

There are many calls for you to drink a lot of water in a single day. While you may not understand the reason why, it is first important to note that the liquid constitutes a significant part of your body. The following are the benefits of drinking water.
1. Water is necessary to keep young
2. It is effective in helping you lose weight
3. It is helpful in eliminating skin disorders
4. Water is helpful for muscle building and toning
5. Reduced chances of heart diseases
6. Increases your brain activity
7. It rejuvenates your body eliminating stress and fatigue
8. Water intake is critical for digestion
9. Regulation of body temperature
10. Reduced chances of cancer
11. Maintains the required PH in your body
12. Reduced incidents of migraines and headaches
13. Eliminates bad breath
14. Water is an immune booster
15. It is very affordable
1.  Drinking plenty of water hydrates your skin, keeps it supple and eliminates wrinkles. What you may not know is that skin lotions and creams cannot effectively hydrate your skin when compared to water.
2.  It has been found that drinking water is the safest way to reduce weight. It is effective in eliminating any by-products that are produced after the metabolism of fat and increases satiety thereby reducing appetite and your calorie intake. Water is free from calories which makes it an ideal substance in weight reduction.
3. Water intake in sufficient amounts is helpful in fighting skin diseases like eczema, spots, and psoriasis.
4. If you take sufficient amounts of water, the cells in your body benefit by having enough oxygen. This is helpful because they are able to work longer and harder before they get tired. Over time, you are able to build your muscles and tone them.
5.  There is conclusive clinical research that has found that drinking plenty of water reduces your chances of suffering a heart attack significantly.
6.  The cells in your brain are made of a significant amount of water. Drinking plenty of the liquid ensures that it gets the amount of oxygen it needs to function properly. This results to the heightening of your cognitive function, concentration and alertness.
7.   Drinking 8 or more glasses of water in a day ensures that waste products from your body’ metabolism and toxins are effectively eliminated from your body. It is interesting to note that if you are in the habit of feeling tired often, it could be as a result of dehydration which places unnecessary strain on your heart to pump blood to all your body cells. This results to fatigue and feelings of stress which limit your physical performance. Water also lubricates your muscles and joints reducing or eliminating chances of suffering from sprains and cramps.
8.  Water intake is essential for you’re the proper functioning of your gastrointestinal tract because it aids in digestion and helps eliminate constipation. The major role played by water in digestion is during chemical digestion.
9.  The right body temperature in your body is necessary for you to remain comfortable and makes you energetic. Water is essential in body temperature regulation because its thermal properties effectively ensure that excessive heat is eliminated from your body through your skin pores.
10.  It has been found that sufficient water intake reduces your risks of getting cancer of the colon and bladder by destroying agents that cause the condition and in reducing their levels of concentration before they get a chance to make contact with the lining of the respective organs.
11.  One of the benefits of drinking water is maintaining the required PH levels in your body. This is necessary because your body needs a specific level of PH in order for its functions to be carried out properly.
12.  Incidents of migraines and headaches are significantly reduced in people who take sufficient amounts of water because their bodies are adequately hydrated. It has also been identified that the intensity of headaches and migraines is considerably reduced by water intake.
13.  Bad breath is sometimes caused by insufficient water intake. Water is helpful in removing bacteria and food particles that are stuck between your teeth and gums before they cause bad breath.
14.  There are numerous ailments that you can avoid by drinking the recommended amount of water. These include rheumatism, respiratory disorders, kidney stones and flu.
15.  When you consider the above benefits in relation to the cost of water, you will find that it is the cheapest natural substance that can offer the highest number of benefits.