About Us

We're delighted to announce our updated Alkavida Inc. website which features our state of the art, whole-house water filters, shower filters and alkaline water filters. Since Alkavida’s inception in 1994, we have grown into a thriving community under the expert guidance of our CEO, Freddy Vidal, designing each product with care to ensure the utmost quality.Our family at Alkavida wants you, our valued customer, to enjoy all the benefits of superior USA made products. We are dedicated to making sure we continually exceed your expectations following in the footsteps of Freddy’s attentive direction and persistent hard work. Our commitment to you is to stay on top of the developing technologies in water treatment and to cultivate new products that serve the needs of our loyal customers.

Our distinct technology saves money with its ability to condition your water, reduce the amount of soap used in washing your clothes, helping to maintain brighter colors, and a spot-free rinse on glassware and dishes. This innovative technology can save your plumbing from the build-up of scale in pipes which would reduce the efficiency of water flow and pressure. It also helps to prevent scale buildup in your faucets, fixtures, and appliances. The system perfectly balances the pH level of your water to enhance the health effects it provides your body.

Headquartered in Valencia, California Alkavida is providing high-quality water throughout the world using the very latest technology to address the aesthetics and overall health of your household. Alkavida systems, as a complete water treatment and drinking water combinations on the market today, are designed with grueling diligence to provide you with clean, safe drinking water year round. Call us today to learn more!