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Stage 1

Our filtration system first starts off by going through 12 filters with different minerals that help increase pH levels, soften water, remove sediment and bacteria, and also filters chlorine.

Stage 2 

The next stages go through a much finer filtration system designed here at Alkavida. It improves the taste of the water, as well as help remove more bacteria and chlorine.

Stage 3

Lastly, The last stages of filtration focuses on picking up any bacteria or chlorine. After that, you have access to water high in pH and is bacteria and chlorine free.

Alka Chill

The Alka Chill will provide you with instant access to chilled, pure, alkaline water. This unit provides you with energy-filled alkaline water which can improve your overall health of you and your family. An internal UV system further sanitizes the water, making it the perfect addition to any home. Available in black and white. Also available in a standup or countertop version. This includes an Alka 75 unit.


Protector Plus Package


This system uses the highest quality catalytic granular coal in its first stage to remove unpleasant tastes and odors caused by chlorine or organic chemicals. Its careful selection of media removes pesticides, turbidity, and chloramine as compared to carbon systems which typically do not. The second stage softens the water to protect your plumbing and household appliances from scale buildup. This keeps your clothes soft and colors bright as well as your dishes and glassware free of hard water residue.

This package includes the ALKA75, the drinking Alkaline water system, & soap package.

Protector One Package

THE PROTECTOR ONE whole- house water filter conditions water to a superior quality.This cost saving system utilizes the same natural process used by our planet but, allows us to carefully select the right media to filter dirt and harmful chemicals out of our water.

Experience the difference of clean water without pesky residue left behind by hard water deposits. Reduce clogging and corrosion of plumbing caused by polluted hard water that is typically used in households.

Alleviate the burden of unnecessary spending on scale removal products, Moisturizer products, detergent, and pipe repairs. Since the media only needs to be replaced every 1-2 years, it’s safe to say that the money you will save with this system will for itself in no time.


Protector XC

Say goodbye to scale build-up in your pipes and on your faucets & appliances. Reduce clogging and corrosion of your plumbing caused by polluted hard water today with the protector XC. No salts or sodium required. 

Included in the Package

- Protector XC

- Alka 75 

- Soap Package 


Alka Platinum

Alkaline water from the all-new Alka Platinum series can help your body maintain optimum health by helping to regulate your body's pH level. The smaller molecular clusters of water it produces also makes it easier for your body to absorb so you stay better hydrated.